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  • Canadian Company Licenses an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Fusarium Biocontrol Agent

    August 14, 2014

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. (API) has reached a licensing agreement with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization (OIPC) for the patented technology to prevent Fusarium Head Blight in cereals with a fungal organism called Clonostachys rosea strain ACM941. 

    Clonostachys rosea strain ACM941 is a patented organism that protects plants against fungal pathogens. It is particularly effective in controlling Fusarium Head Blight in wheat and has potential for use in other crops. API will facilitate the introduction of this important new disease management tool. 

    “Fusarium Head Blight has cost Canada’s wheat growers $1.5 billion since the 1990’s and continues to threaten annual wheat revenues of almost $5.4 billion. We are pleased to play a role in helping growers prevent this devastating disease in wheat with support from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,” said Dr. Bill Brown, President, Adjuvants Plus Inc. 

    Dr. Allen Xue of AAFC’s Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre patented this specific fungal strain of Clonostachys rosea in 1999 after observing positive results in the lab and in field trials on wheat that demonstrated that ACM 941 inhibited soil-borne and seed-borne fungal pathogens. 

    “I am pleased to learn that our years of hard work have finally come to fruition. I look forward to seeing the commercial production of this new bio-fungicide and the positive impact it will have on Canadian agriculture and food safety,” said Dr. Xue. 

    Clonostachys rosea ACM941 is a fungal microbe isolated from the lower leaf of a field pea plant in Manitoba that infects and kills Fusarium and other disease pathogens. This natural mode of action can be used to control the devastating Fusarium Head Blight in cereals and may find applications in many field and horticultural crops, including those in the greenhouse industry. 

    API is a Canadian-based, agri-business that develops innovative solutions to improve field and horticultural crop yields. API will determine how to develop the technology as a seed treatment or foliar spray. 

    AAFC’s Pesticide Risk Reduction Program has worked closely with OIPC and will provide API with regulatory assistance in submitting their application to Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency to seek regulatory approval of the ACM941 patented organism. The Pesticide Risk Reduction Program assists with the registration of biological pest control products that have been prioritized by growers. Expanding the pest management tool box to include reduced risk biopesticide options contributes to the goal of achieving more sustainable pest management overall. Finding new or alternative ways to control crop-damaging pests is a priority for the crop protection industry and a biocontrol product fills that need. 

    The 10-year agreement between AAFC and API is a royalty-based license whereby AAFC receives a percentage of sales following commercialization of the biocontrol product. 

    AAFC is pleased that its research efforts have resulted in providing the agricultural industry with a new and effective control. “We wanted the science out there and for Dr. Xue to be recognized for his contribution,” said Christina Stewart, AAFC’s Commercialization Officer in Charlottetown, PEI, who piloted the agreement through a series of technology-testing evaluations and a formal request for proposals from industry. Ms. Stewart also added, “It shows the value of our research in support of farmers.” 

    For more information, please contact: 

    Dr. Bill Brown, President 
    Adjuvants Plus Inc. 
    1755 Division Road North, Kingsville, ON N9Y 2Y8 
    Phone: 519-733-4659 
    Toll Free: 877-512-4659 

    AAFC Licensing Opportunities website: 

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  • Website - New Look

    February 10, 2014
    Welcome to all new visitors and to those returning to the Ajduvants Plus Inc website - welcome back!  As our business continues to expand and evolve we believed this was the right time to update our website.  Check out all our new drop downs and please use the 'Contact Us' feature if you have any questions.
    We  hope you enjoy our 'New Look'. 
  • A Nanotechnology Delivery System for EndoFine®

    January 18, 2013
    A Nanotechnology Delivery System for EndoFine®

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a license from Cornell University to access a nanotechnology delivery system for biologicals under the patent application “Nanosystems for Formulations of Effective Minimum Risk Biocides.”

    Biologicals, rightly or wrongly, are being held to the same standards for efficacy and overall performance as conventional pesticides even though they offer other benefits. To deliver superior results, conventional pesticides are typically used in combination with surfactants, water conditioning agents and other “add ins”; those combinations have not been generally used with living biopesticides and inoculants such as EndoFine. We recognize that the performance of biologicals would be enhanced from combination uses with other technologies. The survival of living organisms in the presence of many of these chemistries has been a hurdle. The efficacy for both fungal and bacterial biopesticides and inoculants may be improved with the application of nanotechnology.

    This nanoencapsulation or incorporation system uses cyclodextrins as the base material. Cyclodextrins are composed of a circular structure of 6-8 glucose units with a hydrophobic inner core and hydrophilic outer layer. Within the central cyclodextrin core, hydrophobic materials are tightly bound, but weaker binding also may occur on the outer portion. Cyclodextrins are unaffected by
    shear forces and are readily dispersible in liquids.

    This technology provides a method to prevent surfactants and other chemicals from adversely affecting the viability of biocontrol agents and inoculants. Surfactants contain both polar and non polar regions, and can be sequestered by cyclodextrins. A surfactant would physically be located within the cyclodextrins and thereby would not come into contact with the biological agent while in storage. The surfactant would then be released when exposed to water. In addition, complex formulations used in integrated pest management programs may contain both conventional chemistries in combination with biologicals. Most pesticides are nonpolar and as such, can also be sequestered by cyclodextrins and removed from contact with biological agents while in storage.

    The scope contained within this nanotechnology licensing agreement includes composition and methods of use to produce formulations with excellent handling characteristics and water-activated release systems. Combinations within formulations can include additives, adjuvants and synergists to enhance the activity of various biologicals.

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is committed to developing its biologicals product portfolio, as a tool within an integrated pest management program, to meet the needs of row crop and horticultural crop growers worldwide. Adjuvants Plus will continue to seek marketing partners for its biological product line to ensure that the technology can contribute toward meeting the increasing demand for global food production. We look forward to advancing our knowledge of the EndoFine technology platform using nanotechnology and other innovations.

  • Optimizing Returns, Enhancing Performance - now N Tank also comes with a Canadian Patent

    April 24, 2012

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is pleased to announce that N Tank® has been granted a Canadian patent. As a uniquely formulated technology built as a water conditioning agent, N Tank ensures that growers get more from their herbicide program by conditioning spray water to enhance performance and increase herbicide penetration in weeds for optimal grower returns.

    “With N Tank, we have worked hard to develop a unique, game changing technology that turned out to be so different, it was approved for a Canadian Patent. This new patent complements two previously granted United States patents. Says Dr. Bill Brown, President, Adjuvants Plus. “N Tank is not only easy to use, but a grower can maximize their benefits from most herbicide programs; a welcome addition when taking on tough weeds.”

    N Tank, by conditioning the spray water in the tank, helps ensure that growers optimize returns from each trip over the field. More and more attention is being given to spray water quality as hard water ions can bind to some pesticides making them less available to the plant. This is true for glyphosate when calcium, iron or magnesium in hard water reduce the mobility of the glyphosate molecule thereby reducing its ability to penetrate the plant.

    N Tank will also assist herbicide performance on tough to control weeds by ensuring that more active ingredient penetrates into the weed by not being inactivated in the spray water. The leaves on some weeds contain high levels of calcium and magnesium which can also act as a barrier. Once more, N Tank will reduce the effects of these plant-borne ions to ensure that more herbicide gets through the cell wall and into the weed.

    N Tank does even more by helping herbicides penetrate dusty or dirt-covered weeds. With today’s sprayer technology, we cover several acres in a short period of time. Depending on field conditions, dust can be created that acts as a protective layer that prevents herbicides from entering the weed.

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is an agri-business that develops innovative solutions to improve field and horticultural crop yields. Adjuvants Plus has a growing portfolio of crop protection products including herbicides, water conditioning agents and biologicals.

    For More Information, please contact:

    Dr. Bill Brown
    Adjuvants Plus Inc
    1755 Division Road N.
    Kingsville, ON N9Y 2Y8
    Phone: 519-733-4659
    Toll Free: 877-512-4659

    For PDF of Release, Click Here

  • EndoFine® Is Now Fully Patented

    April 11, 2012

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is pleased to announce that EndoFine®, a unique, naturally-occurring fungal organism, has been granted U.S. patent no. 8,101,551; a PCT patent application has also been filed. The EndoFine patent covers “the production and use of endophytes as novel inoculants for promoting enhanced plant vigor, health, growth, and yield reducing environmental stress and for reducing dependency on chemical pesticides for pest control.” Endofine is available in the U.S. and Europe for use as a seed inoculant on cereals, pulses, oilseeds and legumes and as a foliar spray, dip or drench for several major horticultural crops. 

    Clonostachys rosea (strain 88-710), the active ingredient in EndoFine, was first isolated by the University of Guelph after recognizing that it had many “plant friendly” qualities. After acquiring the rights to this organism from the University of Guelph, our research discovered several novel traits. As a naturally-occurring fungal organism, it rapidly colonizes plant tissue as a true endophyte to form a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant. The plant responds by developing a more robust root system that promotes plant growth and improves yield. The EndoFine benefits typically translate to more grain in the bin or earlier crop maturity particularly when plants experience environmental stress during the growing season. 

    “EndoFine has multiple applications as a new tool to complement both the seed and foliar-applied technology available today in row crops and for horticulture” commented Dr. Bill Brown, President, Adjuvants Plus. In addition, the EndoFine patent also covers combinations with rhizobium inoculants commonly used for legumes. Unlike many biolocials, EndoFine can be used to inoculate seed well in advance of planting as it is very hardy with excellent adhesion on seed and can be stored four to five months if kept below 10 degrees Celsius. 

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is an Ontario-based agri-business that develops innovative solutions that improve field and horticultural crop yields. Adjuvants Plus has a growing portfolio of crop protection products including herbicides, water conditioning agents and biologicals. Adjuvants Plus holds several patents and has U.S. and Canadian registered trademarks for all of its major products. Adjuvants Plus establishes strategic alliances with partner companies through product licensing, regional distribution and co-marketing agreements. 

    For more information: 

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. 
    1755 Division Road N. Kingsville, ON N9Y 2Y8 
    Phone: 519-733-4659 
    Facsimile: 866-390-2165 

    For PDF of release, Click Here

  • Terry Clark Joins Adjuvants Plus

    May 23, 2011

    The Board of Directors of Adjuvants Plus announces the addition of a new member to their Executive Team effective immediately. 

    T. (Terry) A. Clark
    – has joined Adjuvants Plus as Director, Global Market Development. Prior to joining Adjuvants Plus, Terry had an extensive career in agri-business in the crop protection and animal health industries and most recently, as a consultant, focusing on strategic planning and business development in the agri-foods sector. Terry’s experience has included assignments in Canada, the U.S. and in the Asia Pacific region; all areas of interest to Adjuvants Plus as we continue to evaluate opportunities for expansion in global markets. As the newest member of the team, Terry will serve as the primary contact for Marketing and Sales and will lead the organizations Global Marketing Strategy. 

  • Adjuvants Plus Adds to Its Executive Team

    February 25, 2011
    Adjuvants Plus Inc., an agricultural research and development company that creates market-ready patented products, has added two of its directors to its executive team, according to a press release.

    John J Toews, who has been a director for 10 years with the group, has been asked to assume the role of secretary treasurer of the corporation.  J Toews has previous executive experience with numerous diversified firms including companies in the manufacture and distribution of specialized vision systems, heavy equipment production, tool and die manufacturing, as well as positions in the food production and banking industry, according to Adjuvants Plus.

    Dr. Allan S. Hamill, who has also been an Adjuvants Plus director for the past three years, joins the executive team with 37 years of experience as a research scientist in weed management. He previously served on the board of directors for the Innovative Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Certified Crop Advisors and the Weed Science Society of America, according to the release.