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  • Optimizing Returns, Enhancing Performance - now N Tank also comes with a Canadian Patent

    April 24, 2012

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is pleased to announce that N Tank® has been granted a Canadian patent. As a uniquely formulated technology built as a water conditioning agent, N Tank ensures that growers get more from their herbicide program by conditioning spray water to enhance performance and increase herbicide penetration in weeds for optimal grower returns.

    “With N Tank, we have worked hard to develop a unique, game changing technology that turned out to be so different, it was approved for a Canadian Patent. This new patent complements two previously granted United States patents. Says Dr. Bill Brown, President, Adjuvants Plus. “N Tank is not only easy to use, but a grower can maximize their benefits from most herbicide programs; a welcome addition when taking on tough weeds.”

    N Tank, by conditioning the spray water in the tank, helps ensure that growers optimize returns from each trip over the field. More and more attention is being given to spray water quality as hard water ions can bind to some pesticides making them less available to the plant. This is true for glyphosate when calcium, iron or magnesium in hard water reduce the mobility of the glyphosate molecule thereby reducing its ability to penetrate the plant.

    N Tank will also assist herbicide performance on tough to control weeds by ensuring that more active ingredient penetrates into the weed by not being inactivated in the spray water. The leaves on some weeds contain high levels of calcium and magnesium which can also act as a barrier. Once more, N Tank will reduce the effects of these plant-borne ions to ensure that more herbicide gets through the cell wall and into the weed.

    N Tank does even more by helping herbicides penetrate dusty or dirt-covered weeds. With today’s sprayer technology, we cover several acres in a short period of time. Depending on field conditions, dust can be created that acts as a protective layer that prevents herbicides from entering the weed.

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is an agri-business that develops innovative solutions to improve field and horticultural crop yields. Adjuvants Plus has a growing portfolio of crop protection products including herbicides, water conditioning agents and biologicals.

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