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  • EndoFine® Is Now Fully Patented

    April 11, 2012

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is pleased to announce that EndoFine®, a unique, naturally-occurring fungal organism, has been granted U.S. patent no. 8,101,551; a PCT patent application has also been filed. The EndoFine patent covers “the production and use of endophytes as novel inoculants for promoting enhanced plant vigor, health, growth, and yield reducing environmental stress and for reducing dependency on chemical pesticides for pest control.” Endofine is available in the U.S. and Europe for use as a seed inoculant on cereals, pulses, oilseeds and legumes and as a foliar spray, dip or drench for several major horticultural crops. 

    Clonostachys rosea (strain 88-710), the active ingredient in EndoFine, was first isolated by the University of Guelph after recognizing that it had many “plant friendly” qualities. After acquiring the rights to this organism from the University of Guelph, our research discovered several novel traits. As a naturally-occurring fungal organism, it rapidly colonizes plant tissue as a true endophyte to form a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant. The plant responds by developing a more robust root system that promotes plant growth and improves yield. The EndoFine benefits typically translate to more grain in the bin or earlier crop maturity particularly when plants experience environmental stress during the growing season. 

    “EndoFine has multiple applications as a new tool to complement both the seed and foliar-applied technology available today in row crops and for horticulture” commented Dr. Bill Brown, President, Adjuvants Plus. In addition, the EndoFine patent also covers combinations with rhizobium inoculants commonly used for legumes. Unlike many biolocials, EndoFine can be used to inoculate seed well in advance of planting as it is very hardy with excellent adhesion on seed and can be stored four to five months if kept below 10 degrees Celsius. 

    Adjuvants Plus Inc. is an Ontario-based agri-business that develops innovative solutions that improve field and horticultural crop yields. Adjuvants Plus has a growing portfolio of crop protection products including herbicides, water conditioning agents and biologicals. Adjuvants Plus holds several patents and has U.S. and Canadian registered trademarks for all of its major products. Adjuvants Plus establishes strategic alliances with partner companies through product licensing, regional distribution and co-marketing agreements. 

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